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Space Availability - Innovation Wyrkshop - Laramie

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Thank you for your interest in booking the Laramie Innovation Wyrkshop for your visiting group or class!

All groups are welcome! For students, children, parents, and community members alike, there's tons to do at the makerspace. From gamified programs geared specifically for a younger audience, to family and community events, and even to special STEAM programming aimed at the 18+ crowd, we've offer plenty of exciting activities to engage your group. As one the largest makerspace in the Mountain West, we're the premiere makerspace for after-school learning, summer camps, STEAM activites, and community engagement.

When reserving your booking, please note the following:

  • The makerspace is made up of two primary interconnected rooms: the makerspace (EERB #122) and the student project space (EERB #127). As long as either one of these two rooms is available during your desired date and time, please feel free to reserve the space for any type of event.

  • We do ask for a booking lead time of at least four days before your event. This allows our makerspace staff members time to design activities for those wishing to have a guided workshop or special event. If the calendar looks blank, simply click "Next Available"  to find the next available time four days from today's date.

  • Once we receive your booking, a makerspace staff member will review it and send out a confirmation email. If you don't receive a confirmation email within 7 days, please email Tyler Kerr at

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